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Comfort, Italian quality and design furniture at the best possible deal.

Incanto Homes, an amalgamation of two beautiful countries, Italy and India, is a brand that brings you the best of both worlds.

The primary aim of our brand is to create and give you a delightful residence experience. Raju and Lucia of Prinitalia, alongside Nilay and Sara Shah of Magic Houz, two teams, come together to bring the best that is to offer. With numerous past experiences and cultivated knowledge, the team together strives to exhibit work that pleases the clients’ expectations. To build better and easy access to all the best-selling Italian furniture and goods, Incanto Homes presents it all online as well as at experience centres. All business activities are made through these local franchises.

Our base for operations in India is through Magic Houz, Nasik, the franchise through which we network. In Europe, we network through the Prinitalia main office in Pordenone, Italy. Both offices have teams working to their best accord to give you the best experiences and solutions for interiors.

The world of Italian furniture is vast and the number of manufacturers, uncountable. To make the process easier so as not to get lost in the labyrinth and bring your focus to the finest products, our designers and architects researched and gathered information on how to give you products with the best quality for appropriate and best costs.

First, we created a platform with a wide collection of furniture that best suits the needs and preferences of the masses. We created pathways and easy guidelines to make sure the outcome is as desired by the consumer’s expectations for their homes. Beautiful and all about comfort, the furniture is impeccable with its Italian quality and design. There are also packages to bring you the best deals and make your home perfect and charming.

Our aim and focus at Incanto Homes is to create and deliver an enchanting place you love and exhibits a sense of charm. After all, that’s what incanto means.

Incanto Homes is Prinitalia owned website.

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