How we work

The home interior of your dreams is just a click away.
Here’s our five steps program: ready? Let’s start!


Register yourself in the web app or app

Feed basic information about your home project and start creating your wish list.


Create your furniture wishlist

At this stage various furniture will be suggested to you according to your style.
We give you freedom to choose from many Italian companies. All furniture shown to you on web or mobile application is according to your budget.

Consult on line

Register yourself in the web app or mobile app

Schedule an on-line meeting with the local franchise studio who will give you all details and also through their experience centre you can select the materials or see their samples.

Get your quotes

Comfortably from home

Get on your mails all quotes: the project goes through two or three revisions which is done with you, customising finishes and colors.

Once you get the final quote, you can book your order directly with nominal advance and proceed to interact with our local franchiser.


One more service for home owners

You can select an architect or designer from our list of affiliates
registered for designing Incanto Homes in different cities and countries,
and start your project from whichever place closest to you


5% first pay for kick start project, on-line payment refundable.

Your furniture will be delivered against following payments.

Start your project

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